Thursday, 9 August 2012


This model from Italeri was claimed to be the largest plastic model on the current market. It is a monster
at around 39 inches.
The tooling is excellent and is a pleasure to build.
There are a lot of exciting stories about the capabilities and actions of these German Fast Boats and makes interesting reading.

The Box taking up much of the bench space.

This how I went about building this interesting model..

Two piece hull with supports.


Hull with waterline and anti fouling

Torpedo tubes with clever opening ports.

Highly detailed torpedo loading tube loading mechanism.

Cockpit part which is eventually hidden.

Starting to detail some of the parts that need early painting.

I was not happy with the moulded deck so I sanded them off and made decks of teak that I cut to fit.
The result was more realistic

Showing crook deck timbers before they were sanded off!

There were no figures with the model so I made these up from an old tank repair team.
Depth charges were not included either so I made these ones up. Not all that accurate but adds some interest to the rear of the boat.and the slides were there for this reason.

Used some teak again for the depth charge launching slides.

I also borrowed the Captain from another set!

The guns were highly detailed and came together well. I was able to make this moulded deck look genuine.

This floor was moulded and was much easier to paint and look realistic.

The finished S100 which is a stunning model as long as you have the room!

Thanks for looking and if you are thinking of building this will not be disappointed.
Regards Les

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Graf Spee Pocket Battle Ship

This is the build of the Academy 1/350 Scale Graf Spee a famous German Pocket Battleship.

It was a pleasant build without too much drama although a supply of photo etch parts would improve it
greatly. The railings supplied were out of scale as were stairs and gun fittings. However this said it turns
out an attractive model.
Since building this model there has been a good supply of after market additions.

This was a little excursion to photo shop. Sailing of Coffs Harbour.....could be better but a lot of fun.

There is a lot of information available on this ship famous for its demise and of it and its Captain.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012



This model is available in two with low sides and the other with high sides.
I chose the low side model as I wanted to copy the Box Art to a point as I had the 2cm Flakvierling 38
Anti Aircraft Gun  from another model.
Trumpeter have done a good job with this model as it is a pleasure to build and allows plenty of scope for weathering. 

Attractive Box Art as usual from Trumpeter.

 This photo was taken on my 3 feet of line that I have assembled from the Trumpeter kit.
It is not to flash when compared to working models but is okay for these static models. Still needs a little more work before I mount the BR 52 Engine and Tender.
Have almost completed a scratch built wooden carriage that was used to carry Explosives and that will finalise my little Diorama.
I might get better at photography also ....who knows.
Regards Les