Tuesday, 27 November 2012

BR 86 LOCOMOTIVE from TRUMPETER 1/35 scale

This will be a straight out of the box build of this model.

There are a number of after market products available but this escalates the price and after building the
BR 52 with some additional items I am not truly convinced they improve the over all appearance of a static model .
Although this model has been around for some time there has not been a lot of builds published.

Libor`s is one exception.

   The box art from Trumpeter is as usual quite dramatic.  One day these examples will sought after just like
    old movie posters are today.

    I was concerned that because these side mouldings were so long it would be wise to glue them when I
    was sure they were perfectly straight. So they were clamped to a spirit levels straight edge.


    I was happy when the glue set and the frame was true.

   Anxious to set the chassis on rails to see that the frame was level with the four jockey wheels all in contact
   with the rails.

   The great delight in building these types of models is that you are starting from a low base.
   Similar to building a boat on bulkheads or even ribs. You could image that this was how it happenned in
   the rail workshop.

  Will connect the bits and pieces to the bumper area at a later date. Too easy to knock off at this stage.

  Some additional parts added to chassis.


    In this step I have under coated with red primer to ensure all parts will get a covering.It is a good base as
    it gives some parts of age and rust when fully assembled.


The  parts required to get to the final part of this stage of the build according to the instructions were added
and then a first coat of Tamiya X1 was applied.

    The couplings, lights and brake hoses were left off to be added towards the end of the build for safety.

    The one point I would like to make for future builders is to check each join for fit . By this I mean where
    rods go into holes and square and rectangular  pieces go into recesses. I had to drill out all holes and  
   enlarge  recesses to make parts fit. The tolerances were to tight . It is a difficult job after in some places.
   The general fit of most parts is excellent.

The paint scheme I am going to use is red wheels and bumpers wth Tamiya XF 7 and the rest of loco black.
On the box some pictures showing the chassis as red seems to me to rob the engine of its very masculine look!
On the front of the box it looks a very tough customer,

I have now started on the boiler and main part of the engine.
As there are so many fiddly parts that don`t take kindly to handling I built a timber stand that would
help with that problem.
I placed it on a turn table which also helped.

   Next will be the cabin and more attachments before the undercoat.

The cabin is starting to come together and I still have some detailing to do.
The cabin floor had no detail  whatsoever so I have glued in a timber floor as I think it could have been in
the original locos.  .If not it has now.!   Will scruff it up later,
Had a problem with the windows as I installed them and covered them with Micro Mask.
Did not work for me and would not come off completely. Ruined the originals so I will make new ones
instructions on the fitting of the forward cabin wall are vague.  Make sure you put in the cabin floor first!

   The cabin has a lot of detail and looks good but it will be mostly covered up when the sides and roof go
    on. Kit does not have dial detail and you have to make that yourself. Looks silly without this detail.

    Regards Les

    We have a little more work on this loco with the coal tender completed.

       The windows were installed ( after I had made new ones ) as the masked ones were damaged and had
       overspray on them.  Probably my use of Micro Mask was done incorrectly. I attached and fixed the
       new ones using Future Polish!  worked well.  

    An initial spray of paint has been applied so that the hard to get places are not missed.

    Will start to glue it together soon.
 There are so many fragile parts that I have decided to delay some fiddly bits to later in the build when a lot of handling is over.

     Finally  here are some build observations.
     Trumpeter have relied on too many joins to be made by the 90 degree butt system. I have used some
     sections of Evergreen plastic to reinforce the joins and give some strength to the structure.
      As I have mentioned before make sure you drill all  holes and widen all slots before attempting to glue as
      I   found the tolerances too tight.
     It is a difficult model to handle so I am about to make another jig to do the underside.

     Regards Les

   Here is the jig that should make life easier.

    The idea is to hold the engine tight by going through the funnel to the base of the boiler and the coal bin
    a tight fit to stop lateral movement.
    So on go the wheels and brake assembly next.
    Regards Les

  Most of the heavy lifting has been done and here are some photos after the final coat and sprayed with
 Future.  The next will be the decals and weathering.
 Trumpeter did not do any glass for the riding lights so I used some port holes from a boat model'. Looks a little more realistic. Will add some blackened stone chips for the coal.

   Regards Les

Well here is the final photo of the finished BR 86.
A little weathering and the addition of decals and a bit of early graffiti courtesy of some rail yard employees
feeling a bit patriotic.

 Hope you enjoyed the build and put it on your to-do list.
Cheers Les

Thursday, 22 November 2012

German Panzertragerwgen

It is now together and awaiting its final  resting place in the soon to be built rail yard.

This was a tank that I had built some time ago but used it for the pictures.

this is a little section of rail that I have been experimenting with to try out some scenery.