Saturday, 16 April 2016


Back to 1/16 scale again. Bought this model from the USA where there still seems  some kits remaining despite the fact that they were from around 1980 but they are becoming rare.
 The Silver Ghost series were what started the fame of Rolls Royce and it was this model that was made for Mr Rolls so he could per sue his hobby of ballooning .
Coming together rather well as the Entex model although made 30 or 40 years ago were well designed.

Will spray the chassis and guards semi gloss black later.

Had problems with the spoke wheels which are not as they should be. I improvised to use my limited skills in this part of the build and made the spokes out if florist wire  and although they are incorrect they serve the purpose.

The jig helped but it was a tedious job.

Used timber where I could for more authenticity.

A pleasant build which rewards you with an unusual model.

Friday, 15 April 2016