Monday, 7 September 2015


Still continuing my new fascination with car models I have purchased this 1/16
scale Rolls Royce Phantom from the USA.
This time it is from Revell produced around 1978 so a vintage kit to begin with.
As it is nearly 40 years old it came in surprisingly good order and the only thing missing was the chrome strips for the running board which I have seen on some models.
A straight forward build with only a small number of problems.
I used Tamiya paints for the build and glossing with Humbrol Gloss Cote.
The burgundy colour was made up of X7 Red with a touch of X4 Blue.
Here are a few photos of the early stages.

The final assembly will come next. 

Well here it is.
On this occasion I did not fix the bonnet sides as I had spent so much time
building the engine i needed to show some of the effort.

I have to say that the actual model looks a lot better than these photos show as the clear gloss has no blemishes photography skills were lacking in this presentation.