Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Trumpeter German WR360 C12 Locomotive

Following on from my build of the BR 52 Locomotive I decided to continue this theme with this model from the same manufacturer.
It is to the same scale of 1/35 so will fit in the same track.
I intend to finish this model as a rather tired and overworked rail yard utility. Should be a good subject for detailing and weathering.

.I will investigate the possibility of building an engine for some interior interest. Would accept any ideas!

                                                      NEXT CHAPTER.

Further progress on this build with the ends and couplings completed as well as the new wheel colour and drive shafts. (They probably have a correct name)

.Now as I had indicated earlier I would like to have an engine in this model despite the fact that it is completely enclosed.
So just for fun I invented a diesel engine to sit in the compartment.  Now remember this is just a mock up for fun and probably bears no relationship with the real ''real Mc Coy'' but it does look a lot better than my workshop photo`s show.

As you can see nothing is glued down yet an sitting on an old abandoned piece or rail.
The ''engine'' has been glazed with Future and washed with a black oil wash.
This will be a rather quick build as there is only the cabin now to be done.

A little more work done.

 The roof has not been attached as I still need photos of the interior.
Will soon publish the final result. The kit did not come with decals so I used some from my spare box.
Not authentic but will do the trick.

Final Post.
This model will be put aside for a time until I have completed the rail track. I will not be building it as shown in the instructions but constructing it on flat base with aggregate and foliage to be part of a diorama.
So far this model is not glued together as I intend to do some more photos of the cabin interior and my "engine".
I have on order the Trumpeter Gondola with low sides and I hope to use them together.

I should explain that the red circle is part of a electric turntable that allows you to view the model from all angles...pretty neat.
This is a good model to build and should look good with the low sided Gondola.
Thanks for looking.

Saturday, 17 March 2012

River Thames Yacht Tug

A chap who was disposing of a deceased estate saw one of my articles in a magazine and contacted me to see if I would like a box of model boat plans he had come across.
They were mainly the lift outs from English Magazines.There was a great cross section from 17 Century sailing ships to some modern commercial craft  .I was very happy to accept them and will pass them on to some one in the future.   This one took my eye and was a pleasure to build.
As usual the model was made from a length of Bunnings Radiata Pine from which I cut the planks.
It is a single planked hull on bulkheads. The tug is called the Varlet and is on display at a museum in London

As you  can see it is a handsome little commercial boat.

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Admirality Model of the Syren.

Some photos of the Admirality style model of Syren .
 I created for this model as it differed from the original with some modifications of my own.
It is based on the US Brig of 18 Guns.

It was built using radiata pine.. double planks on bulkhead frames.
A handsome model when finished.

Some of my 1/35 scale Models

Here is a collection of some of my 1/35 scale models.

They are all Tamiya Models and are mostly straight from the box,